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Random Thai Lady Boys

Every time I think Facebook is completely useless, it gifts me a gem like this in my feed. The presence is due to a stalker feature in Facebooks algorithm that decides what posts to display and in what order that snoops on your friends’ random posts for you. I’m friends with the blue comment so [Continue]

Teaching manners

Wheeler asked me to help him pass around a poll on asking for votes on what he should call his new mobile bartender-on-call (for private parties and such) business. I did and posted the link and my clever friends made clever suggestions. He never thanked anyone or interacted with the commenters other than to [Continue]

Life imitates art

Chris Wheeler from ‘s girlfriend of the past 4 months just gave birth to a baby girl fathered by the gentleman she was in a previous relationship with and as you may know – there is a Chris Jr that happened about 5 years ago which… is exactly the age Prince Phillip was in [Continue]