Social Appearance Obsessions

Blonder9m 1:40 AM!/[username]
yucky pic?

awesomestguyever 1:41 AM
its fine

Blonder9m 1:41 AM
last one or current even if they arent gret

awesomestguyever 1:41 AM
theres only one picture

Blonder9m 1:43 AM
the ol lipstick one or new w/hair up

awesomestguyever 1:44 AM
i said this one

Blonder9m 1:53 AM
k thnx
fb pic> ugghh? hurry help

awesomestguyever 1:55 AM
stop fucking caring so much and do something productive with your time

Blonder9m 1:55 AM[redacted]
remove it?

awesomestguyever 1:55 AM
its the same god damn picture i just said was okay

Blonder9m 1:55 AM
i was, i just wanted ur input sheeessh
ok ok
sorry to bug . thnx