Birthday Blog

I feel like a freakin million bucks.

Mid Day:
I’m kindov mega-depressed a lil bit. and its nothing to do with getting older or any kind of weird realization or “shit got real” moment or anything. Series of events squished together that are kindov crushing me a bit. Feeling will pass but i’ve got to sprint through this valley before getting up to the next mountain top. ug. I have errands to run. must power through without having a public meltdown/nervous breakdown.

Thank God THATS over. oy. was feelin somethin fierce there for a bit. not worth explaining cuz its already mostly forgotten about and im skippin around feelin awesome again.

A friend reminds me to remind you all that – well, first: thank you all for the birthday greetings – but if you like me more than facebook can display and flowers arent your thing: is a double-encrypted inbox for your privacy concerns in sending extra special greetings. just sayin… -im more than happy to feel the love from the rest of you via text. there are no losers here. (except this crazy ass “ex” who keeps hatin. losertown USA over there. but thats it)

1:00 AM
I better get to bed. i’ve got a long day of re-reading my “happy birthday” Facebook comments in front of a mirror as i tell myself things like “you are a winner” and “people LIKE you” while i cry and scream a lot before drowning in a pint of Haagen Dazs and returning to the mirror to slap myself around and say things like “toughen up you pussy!” and “you make me sick! what would Bieber think if he could see you now??”. ~Goodnight you starwashed honeysuckles of Maine; you kings of New English muffins.