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Why is’nt every holiday green-themed?

I mean, I guess I know why: because they’re not awesome enough, or something. But I still feel like it’s my duty to ask the bold questions no one else dares to dane. -I have no idea what I just said but it sounded good, right? I’ve definitely heard “dane” in a context similar to [Continue]

Just Joking…

I’m pretty positive Suicide Squad is going to get my hate as far as a movie goes but that doesn’t mean I can’t lose it in a little digital Cosplay… as… er… Harley. Which wouldn’t be my first time. Kindov. Since I sortov technically went as her for Halloween one year in the 90s – [Continue]

Spam Flattery reminds me what a thirsty loser I am

Spam has a new tactic lately of complimenting its target and it must work tremendously because I’m one of the best humans alive with no needy inclinations or default desire to give a crap about what strangers think, but when I see an obviously robot generated message that alleges to think I’m great, a part [Continue]