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That which doesn’t kill us…

Always dust yourself off and get right back up again any time you have a discouraging experience. Just remember: “that which doesn’t kill us, only makes us hurt in the meantime, adding more gratuitous setback to an already ultimately meaningless existence in a cruel and disorderly world of relentless suffering that weakens our body and [Continue]

Isn’t it too early in the year for you to be talking to me again, girl?

Is summer over *already*?… Seems too early for these girls who used to frequently text and flirt with me but went silent because they got warm-weather-boyfriends to be migrating back like nothing happened, pretending they never stopped talking to me in the first place now that they’re single again and miss the awesome male presence [Continue]

A Quick And Dirty 5 Point Guide to Arrogance-Shaming…

As your patron saint of humility through my demeanor of satirical arrogance, I have unique insight into the motives and approaches of those around people who deputize themselves as enforcement to remove pedestal perches from their that-thing-I-just-said. My experience with both despising others who appeared to have all the confidence in the world and by [Continue]