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How to lose weight and build muscle

Getting slimmer and stronger is only hard because it’s hard to physically do. The way to do it isn’t hard. Here is a quick reference cheat sheet to both for your newer healthier and hotter self:   LOSE WEIGHT the math to losing weight is simply “burn more calories than you take in”. That’s the [Continue]

5 Reasons Hawaii is even more awesome than you realize

The Hawaiian Islands are a geographical jewels for the obvious reasons of weather and landscape, making them the top tourist, luxury, and vacation destinations they currently are, but there are reasons Hawaii is the best tourist/lux/vacation destination of them all that are less obvious.     Everyone likes piss-warm ocean water and beautiful beaches but [Continue]

How to keep yourself motivated

People ask me how I stay motivated or how THEY can become motivated. The answer is: you motivate yourself. If that’s unsatisfying (and it is) then it should be. Your question is stupid. I have no pointers for an unwillingness to kick habits or dedicate to something. I don’t think any such pointers exist so [Continue]

Trix are for everyone

The Trix rabbit should just come over my house some time. I’d hook his ass up with some cereal. And if any annoying friggin kids tried to come over and take it away I’d shoot em with paintballs or something. I don’t really like Trix, but it was my forbidden fruit for so many years [Continue]