I’m sorry to see you go but grateful for the time we had

Dear friend who deleted me on Facebook:

While I think that choosing to no longer have me in your life or on hand in a mode of contact was an unwise move, and particularly poor choice to have made in 2015 with so much on my horizon you’ll now miss out on – I nonetheless respect your decision to move on and away from my presence.

While you may be making a foolish and horrible mistake for which I suspect you will come to greatly regret for years to come, I still wish you luck in the rest of your joyless Richardless life.

Whether I offended you with something I did or said or your level of Basic-ness led you to use the “we never talk” canard with which to give me the axe – I hope only wonderful things are in your future and that it is merry and bright and that only the most minimum amount of people as possible find out that you were once in my coveted circle of Contacts and voluntarily chose to exit.

Of course, passive-aggressive cracks aside, this message was only written and delivered to you out of sheer butthurt that you no longer wish to remain in contact with me, so if you take nothing in this divorce with you, know that you have at least that.

While your memory of our time together will most likely fade if it hasn’t already left you, my autistic recollection will keep the good times alive.
In loving Memoriam.

Your Former Friend,


P.S: You can’t re-add me.