Drugs are awesome but paying for stuff sucks

Drugs are amazing, but why does everything have to cost friggin money?

My tooth was throbbing out of my skull with a dull beaming discomfort after the dentist today so I stopped at a gas station to get some IB profin and some how ended up paying $5.50 for a crappy convenience “we have you by the balls cuz you’re buying medacine at a gas station” priced 4 pill pack of Motrin, a Snickers that cost more than a burger and fries at McDonalds and a strawberry Quick by Nestlie, which they want you to call “Nesquick” (never, never, never).

I took the prof, and it was awesome. Like magic, the pain went away. whoah.

I’ve only taken maybe 4 drugs of that kind in my life, including aspirin and Tylenol and had never noticed a difference. These amazing little med-candies though just hit the off-switch in the pain control center right away, which I assume is how those things work. It doesn’t make sense to me. Like, how the eff does this pill know whats hurting and to go shut if off? It can’t. so wtf is going on? It’s just numbing my pain receivers everywhere? So I could find out what a lethal dose of the stuff is and take just under that amount and go around beating myself with a frying pan n stuff?

I also don’t take over-the-counter drugs ever because I don’t want them living in me, which, since I never feel their effects, I assume is what they do. Like the David Hyde Pierce voiced pill in Osmosis Jones that just starts a new frigging life all up in Bill Murray and never fkking dissolves. Wtf? That’s messed up.