I’ve always been here. You just didn’t know where to look.

How deep is that title tho? Lets take a moment to marinate over the symbolism of that which is there but unseen before I undermine by noting that it’s literal and not philosophical. *Live Edit: Why did I think I needed to type out the opposite of literal? If something is literal then it’s not philosophical, bro. That’s like, what the word means. You stupid idiot.

Anyway – if you’ve been checking for updates on the main page of Richardland for the past…4 months… you haven’t seen new posts. This is wrong and I kindov apologize. Sortov. I justified it by telling myself that the REAL fans are getting the updates through the other sections and direct links I’ve been sharing on my other social media and groups, but deep in the caverns of the space that would otherwise house an organ responsible for feelings – I know this is wrong. This is unfair to you losers who don’t have those accounts and are too dumb to snoop around other areas of the site. While you are a bad person for your laziness, I still shouldn’t be punishing you in this worst way possible – an absence of me. So I almost-apologize, you dopes. Be comforted in the knowledge that the posts in other sections of the site have been moved over to this main feed. Go back and explore and be well and pray my posts never leave your life again – for it is your comfort which will breed apathy. #OnlyKnowYouLoveHerWhenYouLetHerGo