I constantly forget how to write checks

Every time. Every. Single. Thyme. It doesn’t COMPLETELY leave my head, but I’ve never stared at a blank check and been confident that I know what the hell I’m doing. I always have to study it for a few seconds minutes to figure out the answers to its many riddles like writing numbers as words and cents as fractions. Are you allowed to print? or do you have to write in cursive? Is a ball point pen required or is a felt tip okay? I can use a crayon to sign my name, right? I forget the rules every single time. I don’t know why.

We learned how to write checks in 8th grade with Miss Devine. I was an ace at it for a day and then could never retain the information after that. Ever.

Thank god drug dealers and prostitutes don’t take checks or my life would suck.

BONUS: here is a How to Write A Check guide, the likes of which I’m constantly having to refer to: