I keep forgetting to sleep

I understand this is not a problem you dopes who are so in love with being unconscious can really comprehend, but for people with stuff-that-matters to do: Remembering to sleep is difficult. I legit have to set reminders. Live Edit: I feel like “I legit ___” is a rhetorical method that isn’t long for this world so I shouldn’t be using it so as to keep my posts timeless but it’s too good of a way to express something that is literal without overusing that word.

My normally focused sense of time that organizes events and their detail into a mentally searchable timeline is turning into a fog of blended mental snapshots of events.

My brain always hurts. Not a headache. I don’t get headaches. But lack of sleep makes me feel my brain. I only noticed this one recently when I got a rare fully-rested night of Z’s and woke up feeling weird and disembodied because I couldn’t feel my brain. Then, as if having an M. Night Shymal-[forget-it-I-don’t-feel-like-googling-how-to-spell-his-name] flashback – I remembered that you’re not SUPPOSED to feel your brain. You’re supposed to just feel like a head on shoulders. There isn’t supposed to be a dull weight around the circumference of your skull.

None of this should be a surprise, of course. We all know we need sleep for health reasons, and as someone who has read every article on Tyrd.com (a sleep science and information blog), I shouldn’t exactly be amazed that I’m suffering effects of not being healthy. Next blog: I keep not charging my electronic devices – and they keep shutting down after a shorter than normal period!