I made an Instagram and I already hate myself…

Well, here it goes…

https://instagram.com/richardland is now live and 27 seconds later, I already regret it. But not for the reasons you common people would think.

I resisted joining Instagram this long not out of a hipster abhorrence in being where everyone else is, but straight practicality. It doesn’t make a lot of sense for my purposes (can’t include links in picture posts, it’s not really a social network outside of following people – which I don’t want to do, among other gripes), and on top of that – it’s work. It’s another thing I have to maintain and do stuff to when I would rather be focusing on my better and more productive projects.

But before I go on for another 20 minutes on how easily uploading pictures from a device that is on my person at all times is worse than slave labor or how tapping a series of digital buttons is akin to a 14 hour day in a coal mine, i’ll just leave you with this one caveot: I’m not gonna actually use this thing regularly until I get at least 10,000 followers. Maybe that’ll never happen, in which case – good. Maybe it’ll happen quickly, in which case – good I guess.

But the fact is that my attention is divided and my Minimum Wage for Instagramming is 10,000 pairs of eyeballs in a potential audience base. If my 8th grader cousin can get 2,000 then my awesomeness shouldn’t have an impossible time getting to 10. and if/when I do and it’s the end of the year with still only 120 people on that follow list, it will justify my quitting and I can pretend like this whole mess never happened in the first place. Amen.