Important Emergency!!!! I’m trapped in bed and I need your help!!

EMERGENCY!!!! I just closed up all the windows and settled into bed and got all comfortable and opened the app on my phone to turn the air conditioning back on like a normal fkking human and my internet enabled thermostat is OFFLINE.

nestofflineI feared this day would one day come at the worst of times…

That means My only choices now are to either sleep in a room that’s over 74 degree’s or get up out of bed and walk ALL THE WAY down the hall to dial that bitch back MANUALLY like a frigging poor person! I’d rather die than accept either of those fates.

Please… anyone out there within a 100 mile radius, hear this call for help and come quick! I need you to go around the right side of my house whose gate and security I can still unlock remotely from my phone and come into my room through the pool access doors which i’ve unlocked. I WILL BE SLEEPING BY THAT TIME, so be very careful not to wake me! Exit my room and go straight down the Grand Hall for 90 feet until you come to the cross-section doorway gaining access to the guest/blacklight room, middle-bathroom and kitchen. To the left of the doorway you’ll see a circular nob that will illuminate with the current temperature when it senses you nearby. Place your fingers on the side of the knob and turn it to the left until the blue waves reach the point of 72 degrees and you feel the gentle breeze of the ducts in the middle of the room on the ceiling. Exit the way you came and replace the water bottle on my headboard with a fresh one from the mini fridge in my room on your way out (i’m almost empty! as if this night couldn’t get any worse!!) and lock the door behind you upon exiting.

PLEASE HURRY! I don’t know how much longer I can take this and I’m scared and panicking.


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