Inspector Tester and the Grand Hall dilemma


A Mold inspector had to come over today to do tests to make sure everythings okay after I had a leak fixed that made some drywall moist and while he’s doing his work he asks me “what do you call this room?”.

This is a trickier question than it sounds cuz my 2nd living room in my oddly shaped house is set up to be a den, office, exercise room hybrid – so instead of calling it one of those, I call it something goofy. I’m positive he was asking so he knew what to write down in his clipboard just to identify which part of testing came from where, but part of me couldnt help think that I was being tested to see if i’d say the goofy name.

Since it’s a long rectangular room with a high ceiling that ends in a display case, *I* refer to it as “The Grand Hall”… That’s how the room is identified in my remote lighting system, security system, Nest (electronic thermostat) and so on… So when he asks what I call it – that is the clear answer. That’s also really stupid and pretentious sounding to a stranger.

So I had a choice… Do I sound stupid and pretentious but answer the question properly? Or do I answer like a human being. I paused for only a quick 1-Mississippi before it got awkward and in that flash of deliberation caused by the test I knew the universe was giving me… I came up with an answer. I told him it’s just “a living room”. And it was the right choice.