New Years Eve 09 at home

Had to decline the invites at Vegas, Hollywood and the STL crew who roadtripped to Nashville and instead am at my parents house this New Years, very much indoors and with a box of pizza and mini bottle of wine (which I will have 3-4 ounces of) cuz champagne is gross.

Hulu, SouthparkStudios, and various internet corners & I will have ourselves a lovely new year.

<3 's to all y'alls UPDATE: I know this will only draw more "you're so anti-social" blah blah blah garbage from the LA & STL gangs but hot damn - New Years in the comfort of home is fkkn awesome. I'm so far away from all those yelly freezy drunk people on tv, I don't have to worry about getting killed on the drive home, there's not a line of cocaine to be seen and - whats that I smell? weed? nay - the aroma of my wintergreen candle nearby. fuck - im gettin in a bubble bath. this rules.