Reincarnation Invincibility

[Live-updated via phone // syndicated from facebook status]: this hippy, kinda milfy woman in the hot tub here just told me that reincarnation is real and it is the reason why kids and young people are so fearless and feel like they are invincible – because they recognize that they were just here and they know its just a circle of life ride. but old people forget and start to get cautious or something. idk. i had to save this craziness as a note so i thought might as well save it as a status. im lobster-red in this thing and probably ready to be served, steaming. i bet id taste like Awesome.

ps: remind me not to get a lovers name tattooed on me or some time in my 30s i may evidently have to cover it up with the black blot of Betty Boops hair like this chick.

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