Russians vs Mexicans on my lawn

I just told Russian Anna that i was mowing the lawn when she called and she says “oh, people still do that?”.

When i said that grass continues to grow and need cutting she said “no, like PEOPLE still do that though? you’re supposed to get it done FOR you”… in other words: Mexicans aren’t people.

I’m relaying this cuz she’s one of very few ppl left who think its acceptable to switch over on their call waiting for 10 hours while i’m on hold… like I just have time to be taking away from the secret underground empire i’m constructing to be “on hold” for a million years. Bad things happen when you put people like me on hold for too long. They write blogs that reveal that your disdain for the country of lawnmowers to our south.

You don’t want to play with this fire. y’all can’t handle my burns.

bitch, i will kill you. with Mexicans.