Summer dreamin… of damage, cancer & death

While the giant nuclear fire orb my planet circles was slow-roasting the flesh that lays over my skeleton today, I was thinking about how much everything I just said sucks… I mostly just want to relax outside with fresh air and warmth on my body and have the color tones in my skin be evened out and a shade darker afterward. And I achieved that. but it would be nicer if I could achieve that without also removing elasticity from my skin via radiation that is also damaging my hair and eyes and almost certainly fkking with me on a cellular level that will make it more likely that I get or grow up some already present but small or dormant cancer.

Summer dreamin

Yes, I have a dream. That some day the outdoors will be judged not by the content of their death implanting phasers, but by the enjoyment of their harmless positive effects. Get the fkk with it, SciencePeople. This mug as a droopy leather mask would be a crime against art. and I’m not to blame – I’m just protesting until sun damage reversal comes in a pill or something.