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Oh. Drugs again

So, I thought maybe pollon was getting me high but it turns out i’m feeling like this cuz the unlabeled single-foil pill I took was actually a Benadryl and not the nasal decongestant I thought it was and B-drill fuggs ma shiz UP. Points against me: This is the 2nd time this month I did [Continue]

Partying with Bananas

A few days ago I was telling this chick some facts about bananas and that I eat at least one every day and didnt understand why she was reacting with such a realization in her response. She calls me just now with the good news that she got me a bunch of bananas for us [Continue]

Just be nice to people

The gratitude and relief on that older woman’s face when I helped lift her bags she was struggling with gave me a high that lasted the whole flight home. Why would anyone ever do drugs when you can feel such euphoria just from helping other people?

Doing Drugs

On DRUGS. the best drug there is: Richard Bushnell. Warning, Richard Bushnell may cause heartburn, nausea, panic attacks, a dilated rectum and/or vaginal bleeding, drowsiness, muscle fatigue, an erection that lasts more than 24 hours, night terrors or death. Ask your doctor if Richard Bushnell is right for you. -Quote from Salvador Dali

Drugs is Drugs

No better reminder that you’re back in LA than being made fun of for referring to cocaine like its a drug. silly me. silly LA. Now im gonna snort some sandman dust and go on a unicorn dream trip for 8 hours.