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Spam Flattery reminds me what a thirsty loser I am

Spam has a new tactic lately of complimenting its target and it must work tremendously because I’m one of the best humans alive with no needy inclinations or default desire to give a crap about what strangers think, but when I see an obviously robot generated message that alleges to think I’m great, a part [Continue]

A chat with an IM spambot

4:03:59 AM TomanLoudoieb@hotmail.com: hey is this lindsey?? its rachel 11:29:28 AM TomanLoudoieb@hotmail.com: stephie!! thats you right? its rachel 3:50:03 AM Awesomestguyever: that is exactly who it is… lindseystephie. omg, hi rachel! 3:50:13 AM TomanLoudoieb@hotmail.com: oh hi, my bad sorry, must be the wrong person lol, whats your name then 3:50:50 AM Awesomestguyever: uh. no… i [Continue]

Fun with comment spam

Some day perhaps I’ll encourage commenting more on richardland, but up till now, notsomuch. I approve comments generally if they have something interesting to say or to add to the post but 98% of them stay unpublished. In addition to the “why the hell would I care what other people think?” aspect, there’s the spam. [Continue]

Myspace users understand this

dickkead: dude, i have an important question that you might be able to answer for me Richar900: k dickkead: do you have any idea where i can get a free $50 Macy’s gift card? Sigh………………………………. If I was just a random snarky blogger, I would leave the post at that and let everyone who gets [Continue]