Text messages cost me money

richar900: you texted me asking something about wordpress themes?
BigDogDaddy83: yes
richar900: ya. its weird. i have a question for you too
BigDogDaddy83: what’s ur question?
richar900: my question. wassssssssss.
BigDogDaddy83: …… yes ……….
richar900: i remember… *poors a drink*… telling you. that.. *poors you one too* it costs me.. a great deal of Abraham Lincoln coins. *swirls my drink with mixer stick* 15. to be exact. but. 20 now… *swirls yours* to receive. texxxxxt. messagezzz. *taps mixer stick on your glass to get the drops off* and yet… *extends arm with drink to you*…its the funniest thing really…
*throws your glass against the wall before you can take it*

richar900: ……………….. *keeps looking at you while calmly sipping drink*
BigDogDaddy83: That’s an awfully big mess for one text.
BigDogDaddy83: Wait…………….
richar900: and ur gonna clean it up. cuz ur the bitch in this relationship
BigDogDaddy83: You are NOT telling me it costs you $20 for a text message
richar900: Lincoln coins would be pennies…you. doofus
richar900: but ya, they raised it to 20
richar900: but not just one. youve sent me like 5 in the last 3 days, dingilus maximus
BigDogDaddy83: Gimme your addy. I will send you an entire dollar to make up for any late nite drunk texts that may occur in the future :-D
BigDogDaddy83: Truth be told there Richard, I honestly don’t remember you telling me they cost you money. In either case, I will make a note of it ;-)
richar900: well the last 3 have already been a buck but chhhyea. i totally toldz u’s sayin to keep it on emergency/time sensitive basis. like twice. remember the second time i asked if you could send IMs on your phone and you said ya? and i said do that instead. cuz aside from costing, i never text unless i absolutely have to. if i can type a reply on a keyboard youre more likely to get a timely reply
BigDogDaddy83: ooohhhh. If you told me over AIM on my cell I may not have gotten it. It takes me like 15 mins to get what you type. My bad. I will compensate you in either stolen cash or sexual favors.
BigDogDaddy83: Also, I just posted your little rant on my MySpace blog
richar900: im about to put it on my blog duce
richar900: like how i said duce instead of too? cuz its like “two”
richar900: ho man, im amazing
BigDogDaddy83: except it’s spelled “deuce”.
BigDogDaddy83: but other than basic english comprehension, yeah…. you’re amazing.
richar900: duce is Italian. a “deuce” is a bowel movement. “duce” is “two”.
richar900: seriously though. never text me again or i’ll fucking kill you. 🙂