Gaps, Overlaps, and other facts of History and Time that hurt my brain

I’ve only recently been able to really visualize the past in color since all the media from bygone times is in black&white or sepia. As a kid I intellectually knew they had color back then but couldn’t really see it in my minds eye. Even my own memories were pigmented by that 1980s/early 90s washed out film filter home movies and photos have, and I still today have a hard time imagining the 60s and 70s without a blush-pink or piss-yellowish tint to it. Thinking about time gaps in time that run between things also freaks me out.

Like how we’re living in “Back to the Future” times because the span between the 1950s and 1980s is 30 years and that seems like a lot to me until I realize the time between the first Back to the Future movie and now is also 30 years. I still don’t know why they’re rebooting friggin stupid Ghost Busters before doing Back to the Future 4 before Christopher Lyod dies. Especially since 2015 is the “future” they go to in the 2nd movie. Come on, dummies. Or likewise, how the same time between the airing of That 70s Show and the 70s is the same gap as between the original run of That 70s Show and now.

Basically, I’m just noting how I still think “10 years ago” is 1995.

The “less time” between stuff hurts my brain less than the “same time between” stuff for some reason. Like how there is less time between Nirvana and The Beatles than between Nirvana and today. That one doesn’t phase me but probably only because I don’t have strong timestamps on either band in my brain.

Periods that overlap and debunk the non-existent gaps in time are the biggest mindrapers. Take these 2 for exampz:

How bananas is it that we think of Rev Martin Luther King and Anne Frank as having existed in completely different eras even though they were born in the same year? They would both “only” be 85 in 2015. The same age as Barbara Walters, whom, if you’re following the math here, also shares their birth year (1929).

Go home Microsoft… you’re drunk/not good at new tech.

In a parallel universe somewhere: MLK died in race riots as a teen of 15, Anne Frank was assassinated as a Jewish rights activist as an adult at 39, and Barbara Walters is still doing her 23rd “farewell” lap claiming she is leaving ABC’s The View but never actually going anywhere.