Why do people hate efficiency so much?

Just out of a long business conference. People are so fkking slow. I dont understand it. I get that i’m the boss so part of my job is cracking the whip but its not like i’m the boss of a spice merchant ship in the 1600s and the whip i’m cracking is to slaves rowing my boat so I can make a billion and throw the ones that didn’t die of scurvy an extra ration of horse meat or whatever. My line of work is unique specifically in that way where it is IMPOSSIBLE for those under me to not earn more if I earn more. Of all the jobs in the world – these people are right smack dab in one that is part of the small percentage where their output and timelines is directly correlated to increases in their pay check and it’s still like pulling toe nails with these people to get them to do any more than just slug along. WHY?

I get it at the basic level in that people need a structure to robotically work through because most dont have an entrepreneurial spirit in them – but is there NO point where you gain your sea legs on this ship? Jeepers, people.

Being organized and productive = making more money. Doing bare minimum = bare fucking minimum. Do these people hate money? what in the faaak.

Its like 90% of everyone who drives in LA – do you NOT want to get to your destination?? cuz you’re driving like it. why are you in a car right now if you dont actually want to arrive somewhere in any kind of timely fashion? Plus, we’re in an ugly as shit run down urban area (99% of LA) so its not like youre tourists from Wisconsin on the PCH. God damn, people. Move your ass.

There’s life to be lived. Spend less of it working by working harder when working anyway instead of working at a mediocre level, thus ensuring you flatline at that level for that much longer. This is not an advanced concept. Even YOU can easily understand it if you just try.

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