You’re doing it wrong

Sometimes to hide and or otherwise combat the darkness that engulfs my being, causing me to be cynical, mean spirited and generally dead inside, I’ll say something grossly cheerful and syrupy like a Wal-Mart greeter that is trying too hard because they just want to bond with humans during the day after not knowing what to do with themselves anymore ever since Winston died and the kids started calling so infrequently.
I sent this pleasant little text message to Anna from my computer and got this pleasant little reply…
me: hey… you… have a good day
Sent at 3:44 PM on Friday
Anna: So I got my pay check, went to the ATM downstairs to deposit it – the ATM ate my check, my debit card & shut down with a message “this ATM is temporarily
out of service” – great day….
My awkward pleasantries ruin lives.
Today was a good day…